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Tweaks that can change your life

This is to capture the best ever inventions I came across in our everyday life.

1st July 2014
The little one usually wakes up first.
If he has experienced teleportation from his cot to our bed during the night (which is usually the case), he is attempting, first of all, to get on the carpet. He usually succeeds quite quickly as he has been practising for a good while. Which makes him smile for the first time that day.
Now the tricky part comes. He needs to make his mom wake up, too. There we have an invention. No pressure required, no crying involved, no hair pulling introduced. All he does is he puts mummy's slippers on her bed. Bang! Works every time.

6th July 2014
The oldest one felt sleepy this evening. She had her bath quite early, and after good few hours spent outside she was well oxygenated, thus ready to dream.
But, she wanted to see how the RPG is going on, played by her father. And there was no spare armchair, with the last one wittily and cruelly taken by her mother.
She then, all half-sleep, made herself a DIY couch, using two forward-facing chairs, set up right at the angle which allowed her both leisure (of slouching), and pleasure (of watching the game).
Ingeniously clever.

10th July 2014
My little tweak that have already saved a lot of time during nappy changing. As the little one usually wears a bodysuit, I simply pop it on one of his shoulders, as if to make a kind of pocket in front and on his back. It genuinely helps, especially now, when he is in need of moving 'out and about' on every possible occassion. Changing nappy on the go is much easier with this little tweak.

14th July 2014
'I changed my mind', says my 5-year old, when I ask her why she didn't like to join others during her trial dancing class. I am angry, dissapointed, and in low spirits; we talked about it beforehand, she was really excited, I thought she would be happy. Instead, we just sat there, looking at the others. Well, technically, she was sitting; I was chasing our little explorer, who was extremely happy, wandering around, checking every piece of equipment, using any spare chair as a drum.
Despite my own feelings, and that stupid inner voice saying I failed as a mum since my daughter was not having fun as I thought she would have (which is completely ridiculous, that feeling), I admire her reply. There is no ritort to that; as I always try to cherish her liberty, and the fact she has her own opinion, I am here a victim of my own success. This statement is genious; you cannot argue with that.  And part of me is really proud of my daughter, who is sometimes soo mature, way more than her own mother...

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