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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Information power

'Do you know where we are?' asked this guy, looking like a combination of Sting and Christian Bale.

What a wonderful question is that! Answers coming to me from so many different angels. Starting from Ellen lip syncing Diana Ross song, this one. Then, moving on to a psychological aspect: what is the sense of our being here. To astronomical aspect, where the Earth actually is, and how big is the universe we are in. To geographical aspect, how to find me and him on the map he was holding. Which, sadly, is the aspect he was referring to. I helped him, and he went along.

What a wonderful question though... :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Have you ever done something silly, that was funny at the time but after you think about it... It's very very irresponsible? I did. More than once.

I remember being 10, or 11, and answering phone calls at home. Many of these would be the wrong number calls, probably because of the fact that our home number was quite distinctive, with lots of repeated digits. People make mistakes when dialing, especially when using landlines, not mobiles. Copying and pasting a number, or clicking on it and confirming the call option was not so popular X years ago:)...

After several: 'No, you've got the wrong number... No problem... Your welcome' phrases I used, I got bored.
And therefore I recall confirming, at least once, that we do indeed have 200 meters of magnet wire in stock, available for immediate purchase in packs of 40 meters. And yes, they can come and collect it straightaway, which is highly advisable as the item is very popular among our customers today.

I was also making up names. Well, sort of. When someone was calling, and rather than saying hello and introducing themselves, was simply asking whether Jen's there, I would be replying with something in the lines of: 'No, but we have Stephanie, Julie, and Elizabeth (the last one being actually true) here, so maybe you would like to talk to any of them instead?'. Alternatively, I was using line which technically was absolutely correct: 'No, she's not here, but whenever she is here, I will tell her you called'. Hardly anyone was leaving their name for reference then.

Which just proves the point: we assume a lot. Assumptions can limit our world so much sometimes.

And having fun should never ever disrespect others. However funny it might be.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Hopefully, someone else may relate to this: solving a sudoku when they feel there is nothing else their brain could process.
It happened to me several times over the last few years. I still do that now, from time to time. To get that feeling of accomplishment from little things.

Now, crosswords are another story. Specially when it's not in your mother tongue. All of the sudden, simple words challenge you and finding an answer is trickier you may think. And then, when you do find an answer, the feeling of accomplishment is much greater, even though things are still relatively little.

Finally, there is a wordwheel. Where you are supposed to find at least one nine-letter word composed out of nine letters available. Together with a bunch of shorter ones, no less then three though, and always containing the central letter. That, done in the language you were born with is simple enough. With a second, and subsequent, it is different. And the feeling of accomplishment is much much greater.

Today, I felt that. When I discovered, funnily enough, that the nine-letter word is 'departure'.
Sounds good to me...

Saturday, 16 April 2016


'Feel the rain on your skin,
no one else can feel it for you,
only you can let it in.

No one else
no one else
can speak the words on your lips'

Only when I heard it few days ago, it occurred to me that this song, and these lyrics in particular, are the anthem for anyone trying to write something. Anything. Be it a 700-pages novel, or a shopping list.

Thursday, 14 April 2016


Up until I was 20ish, I strongly believed it is sight that is the most important of all the senses. Which made me wearing glasses with a combination of embarrassment and fear, when I finally agreed to put them on at the age of 13. And gladly put them away 11 years later.

(11 years later. Again. There is something significant about 11 year-period then. Interesting...)

Then the touch came as the crucial one. All the hugs and cuddles I was getting, and - most importantly - all the ones I was no longer getting, but missed a lot.

But at the moment, it is more about smells. The one of freshly cut grass brings back the breezy memories of time spent with my dad in the garden. Including breaks from collecting all the leaves and hay and cutting old branches. When we sat on the grass, watched the sun and the sky, and talked. Or didn't speak a word, just stared at the neighbour's cat following a mouse.
Then there is the one of the apple pie my grandma used to bake. Which would then be left to cool down in the pantry. And tasted heavenly.
And now, there is the one of the pillow I sleep on.

So, Proust was right...

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

No Harm Trying

- Sorry, excuse me - this guy flashes me with the whitest of teeth.
I return the smile automatically. Is this normal to have such bright teeth though? He probably never had a cup of coffee in his life. And apparently doesn't know how to use a map. As his next line is:
- How do I get to a Tiller Road?
"Looser", I think. I fight the wicked need to make a silly remark about his over-confidence and proper use of articles (who am I to judge anyway?)... Instead, I smile politely and say:
- It's not too far away, all you need to do is follow that path, and then... - using the usual "reassurance, followed by a light smile, ended up with a short set of directions" technique which always works.
So it did this time. He thanks me and goes away. I instantly feel like a better person. Isn't helping others fun? And only after a while I realise what he actually said. "Thank you, ma'am."Ma'am?!" I quickly check my outfit for today. No, it's not the uniform day, I have my casual clothes on. So it's the age. I'm screwed. And visibly old. All of a sudden, helping others sucks.
10 minutes later, while I'm still in my thoughts on aging, a lady approaches me on the street. I am not even trying to guess her age after this ma'am incident of mine; but she is most likely older than me; much older in fact...
- Excuse me, would you be able to help me, dear?
"Now, that's better. Dear is better. Pretty much everything is better than... you know what." I think, and want to say "Yes, of course".
That doesn't happen though. She doesn't really need my reply. She just goes on:
- Do you think I look better in pink, or in blue? - she asks, holding both scarves in her hands, one in the boldest magenta colour one could imagine, another in cobalt taken directly from Vincent van Gogh's paintings of Auvers...
- Blue, as it compliments your eyes and brightens your face - I answer almost automatically, without really thinking why and how she got to asking me that question. In the middle of the street. How odd! Then again, I act weirdly sometimes. So does anybody else then.
- Thank you, dear - she says and goes away.
What is happening though?! I look at my phone screen and suddenly come to a conclusion that I haven't used a watch since... I mean, for 11 years now; taking somebody else's habit of not wearing a wrist watch and using a phone instead seemed natural back at the beginning, and something I got used to - ironically - as time went by...  But now, it's me again... I should buy myself a watch! That announcement is nothing when compared to the shocking fact it is 10am. 10 sharp! Which would be nothing unusual if not compared to another fact: my Mini-Man and me, we're on our way back from school. Where the Easter Bonnet parade took place. We watched it all; it ended at 11am! I looked at my phone when leaving so no mistake here... What is happening???
I check how my Mini-Man is doing: all seems to be OK there; he's in the buggy, having his favourite cookie, one of many favorites (a proud sweet-tooth owner, just like his mum), wearing his sunglasses whatever the weather; apparently he listened to that shocking report I had on last month, about the UV protection to be applied 24/7 to any human being, toddlers included...
I'm confused but not beyond norm. Maybe it was 9:30 when we were leaving... Which makes no sense since the parade started at 9:45 but then again... I didn't sleep well last night. Meaning, the 'I'm Gucci with one coffee' rule doesn't apply today...
- Excuse me - this time it's a man. With the most sunny face I could ever imagine. OK, this one's going to be interesting...
- How do you find the newest discoveries on the Moon? Curious, isn't it?
I'm starring at his face, and probably look like that looser I met earlier, the one wanting to know his own personalised way to get to that street, I forgot now which one it was. Nor can I remember why he was a looser in the first place. I definitely look stupid.
- What? - I say. That is all I can say.
- The Moon. You know - he says and smiles.
That didn't help. But I do my best to collect the leftovers of me.
- What I was meant to say, why are you asking me this question? I mean, I live near the 0 longitude, but... - And that's about it in the "let's make a stunning first impression" department. "Longitude". Seriously. Who uses such word in a conversation anyway? Not to mention, I probably mispronounced it heavily...
- You really want to know my opinion? - That is me desperately trying to make a stunning second impression. Helpless. "Helpless in London", what a great title that would be...
- Well, of course, you're the expert on everything, aren't you? - he says, like if I said something really smart. And smiles even more.
And then it gets to me.
- It's a dream! A beautiful dream! - I say. And smile back. - It must be! That is exactly what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be all my life. Advise people and be Ms EOE: Expert on Everything!
He looks surprised, but doesn't say anything. That just proves I am right. Which is usually the case, by the way. I even wear this T-shirt today to prove it: "I am not always right. I am just never wrong." It is true.
All I need to do now is don't wake up. Ever.

No harm trying...

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Day - part 4 out of 4 :)

We watch an episode of the Strawberry Shortcake, my SuperSpiderGirl and me. Where the girls get a glittery manicure which releases sounds and melodies whenever you move your hands. Beautiful at first, annoying and hard to bear later on.

I know, it sounds so shallow: watching a cartoon with your 7.5-year old, tucked in your arms like if it was 4 years ago. But the fact is, we both missed it and both needed it so much it is actually a shame I haven't noticed that earlier.
Also, choosing a more girly tale would be quite challenging... But it tells a story of disappointment, 'white lies' and how you suffer when you tell them while in fact you're much better off being honest... It explains friendship where you feel comfortable criticising something because you know they appreciate getting to know your true opinion.

So, we talk about it.
Out of talking comes the love. I kind of forgot that. Happy the Strawberry Shortcake acted as a gentle reminder:)

Dreams are very powerful. They can soothe you, or they can haunt you. They can give you weird feeling of uneasiness during the day, or they can make you sleep like a log. But if the day was the one to be appreciated, and you have someone to dream about, it's ok. That ok you hardly ever get. While, sadly, many people never get. Worth reminding. And being grateful for. And smile, even if just to self, when you wake up. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Weather light

- It's a storm, it's a storm!
We're all excitement. Running to the balcony door; looking for the thunder, like if it was that magical spectacle one shouldn't miss.
If you think of it for a while, it kind of is...

All of the sudden, she's holding her breath really loudly.
- Is it a thunder? Did you see it?!
- No - She says, with slight disappointment in her voice but only for a fraction of the second, back to enthusiasm; it's clearly much cooler - A mosquito... It's huge! Look, like this - She is showing me a 2-inch long, invisible string between her fingers.  - Huge!

I guess nature is amazing. Every single part of it...

Friday, 1 April 2016

Complicating things

Why not visiting a playground which is far far away, and probably not half as nice as the one located 5 minutes away from home? Why? Because I like to complicate things.

2 changes later, and no buggy - stretching my definition of perfect motherhood to the extreme here - we're there. Queensway station.

The park is slowly getting people's attention; still, you can identify your kids even if they wish to
explore. The playground is cool, with lots of places to hide - not so good when you have strong control instincts. It is fenced, and the gate opens only when the operating guru clicks the button, unreachable for anyone with a height of 5ft and lower - genius!

With coffee in my hand I'm soothed. Just learned I could have 5 1/2 lattes a day if I wish to reach caffeine's limits. And half of energy daily intake I guess. Not going there. Love for food is bigger:)

It's a really nice place, the playground, and when we're there, I'm learning something new about us. SuperSpider girl is the one who initiates things, but gets bored quite quickly, and needs some enthusiastic remarks to keep her going. MiniMan happily follows her, but when he finds something interesting, it keeps him occupied for longer than anyone could expect. Like pouring dry sand through a fake mini mill wheel, and checking how it freely flows down. Her, in the meantime, she is on a slide 7 times (to match her age, clearly), and comes back to suggest leaving. But then, they discover a sort of obstacle course, and manage to complete it. So there is clapping, and dancing, and laughing.

I think when there comes a day I am no longer clapping to admire everyday achievements, that will mean I aged. Emotionally, as I hope I would already have been very old physically.

That is the reason why I complicate things then. To discover something new about them. And me.

The Day - part 3 out of many :)

'So, are we making cookies?' I ask. 'No', she says at first, as she is in the 'no-phase' at the moment; I need to wait until she actually gets the message. 'Yes, let's do this', she says, after a while. Ok then. It's rolling time. And then her hands choose the cutters, and make one even surface separated, with eggs, chickens, and bunnies. It's exciting, more than I expected. Then he joins in, standing on tip-toes but not letting go, following his sister's moves as best as he can. As a result, rolling is repeated several times. Doesn't matter; what matters is, we're really having fun.

3 baking trays later, we're full. Yes, I admit being guilty as charged of eating barely cooled butter cookies. I am not the only one here to blame; that doesn't make the energy intake lower though. Booty challenge, here I come.

If you follow a 35-step procedure (sometimes more like a 40-one), and show extreme patience and consistence throughout the day ('No, I will not pick you up, you have to walk, sorry, yes, I know you will make it, it is not that far away, well done!'), the miracle happens. Mini-Man is asleep before the clock strikes 8. It's like our version of the Cinderella story, adjusted to any mum's evening of her dreams. Shh, don't wake the guy-to-be:)