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While few of my readers
(including me, I guess, but that is all right; if anyone else is reading, cool; if not, it's even cooler; spilling words out helps find the balance when faced with reality; recently I have re-started shaping that reality rather than floating and making sure I'm not drowning...)
OK, let's start again

While some of you may be wondering whether I am completely insane, others will just read the 29 Plays Later posts and feel nothing. Pity, but again, it's all right.

I joined this inspiring initiative, where you're supposed to write a play a day, every single day, for the whole month of February. Hence, the 29 aspect.

Since I am nowhere near an even slightly experienced theatre playwriter, my daily drafts are usually short, one-scene exercises, nowhere near an even slightly entertaining piece of drama.

But it's so much fun when writing them!:)

A highly recommended alternative to therapy...

(It's not me who said it first; Robin Williams once asked why is he still bothered with performing stand-ups, said: 'it's cheaper than therapy'. Great mind, and even greater heart. Truly honored that I was able to witness his performances, and get inspiration from his twisted sense of humor...)

If anyone is interested in the glimpses of sketches / drafts of scenes I commited, here they are all:)

A piece of string
The funniest thing and the saddest
Hi Five
All about maths
Typos are girls new best friends
SOAP to spider it up
Why Would You Not
Fat not ugly
Taken by storm
Taken by the hills
Love at first runway
Love is not all around it's in you
Play it by the rules, or as much as you can :)
Music will save you
Never sit on a ...
First date
DNA in your bone
The most powerful
Expected twist
Taken by storm - again
Sleepless in London 
Never sit on a ... [the elongated version]
Mathematical challenge ALL THE NUMBERS YOU CANNOT HAVE

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