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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Doing nothing

This is my ideal day off. Seating at the pool, occasionally sipping drinks / cocktails, jumping in and out of the water once every hour or so, laying comfortably in a chair (that should actually be a futon;), reading a not-baby-related book, getting warmed in the sun, feeling and looking awesome.
Ok, that's actually version no 1.
Version no 2 includes sweat, a backpack on my back with all the stuff needed for 2-week hols, high mountains full of sun, trekking and feeling muscles burnt, looking fit and awesome (with the sweaty part off the picture, actually).
Finally, there's version no 3: sitting in a comfy armchair, with hot tea&lemon (not scalding hot; the only person I knew could drink such hot stuff was my grandpa, and even he knew lemon doesn't like 100 C...), treating my mild headache in a fully relaxing way, warm socks, soft pillow and a blankie.
And that's what I'm about to do for the next 7 mins, i.e. until my SuperSpidergirl comes, asking for something. Since I believe in New Years Eve behavior = all year ahead behaviour, I won't say the usual no...;)))

Monday, 29 December 2014

Resolutions, continued

I'm miserable at executing plans. This goes to the point where I no longer wish to plan ahead, cause I know I will never do what I intend. Pitiful, I know. And safe.

This time, I decided to face my fears, and actually organize my life for the next 12 months. Or, at least, try to do so. Realizing what my weaknesses are, and attempting to change is something for start, isn't it?

Will see how it goes...

1 Yr ago... and resolutions

Today is exactly 1 year since our mini-man started walking. And that, to be honest, is more significant to me then another year passing by, New Year's Eve hedonic celebration (which I have nothing against, seriously; just no longer available and able to loose yourself completely in enjoying the moment), and the fact I should be planning things. Again.

My no-longer-that-little girl started walking around Xmas as well; it was in mid-December after her 1st birthday. 

Walking. Everyone who has children seems to be cherishing that milestone more than necessary, to be honest. Then again, it is an obvious act of human being's first independent action, and as such should be valued, indeed...

I guess that makes New Year's resolutions, and action plans people are supposed to do around that time, quite important: a sequential activity of intending to act, and follow that intention with, well, a set of actions. Quite like the first time a person starts to walk, somehow planning that fact beforehand, a bit subconsciously, but still.

Now, both of them are running around, the mini-man trying to follow her big sis footsteps, squeaking and laughing, and this makes my day. I forget all the downs, and I am, in this very moment, happy. And that means more, much more, than a party till dawn:)

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Xmas preparations

Started over 3 weeks ago, which is totally unusual, and awesome (wonderful expressions, and so inappropriate in London;). I ordered most of our presents via the largest river by discharge of water in the world, again not a usual thing to do, avoiding - almost - last minute rush, panicking moves, and rash in result. Or something worse. Ouchhh!...

Then, we did a series of pre-winter solstice workshops, including cookies decorations, face paintings, headbands making, kissing balls creations in the absolutely mesmerising Painted Hall, and french fries at the most recognised take away / sit-in place worldwide.

Tonight, instead of last minute rash, panicking moves around the oven, fridge, and balcony (extra freezing space, usually used around winter solstice celebrations where I come from), Adam went for grocery shopping (and yes, there were piles of so-called human beings fighting over last pudding available (never got that fobia over a twisted version of 'budyƄ', which I love by the way...), I did all the presents packaging, and now?... Now, we are watching HIMYM with a bottle of beer (a second one, to be precised; mine is next to me, still half-ful, which is by all means a positive prospect;)), totally not bothered by a need of food, more presents, and money which definitely needs to be spent unreasonably, excessively, and - somehow in result- regretfully.
I love it:) even though when tomorrow comes, I will be stuck, at least for an hour, or two, at the kitchen table, baking, for the Christmas Eve we got invited to, looking forward to a deep, drunk (wishful thinking), pop-in dinner with our daughter's best school friend parents. And my so-called friends-to-be, the only ones I have around here. Therefore fully cherished. No, not only, they are truly all right. As far as I could tell so far;). 

Merry Xmas everyone!:)

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas fair

There was a Christmas fair at Supergirl's school earlier this month. They had Santa's grotto (really nicely done), a market with some great stuff (books in incredibly reasonable prices; we ended up with few of these, of course;), bouncing castle (the best part, according to my girl, and her friend), and the raffle.
We had few tickets, including the number 666 (seriously;))), which brings additional depth and meaning to Christmas preparations anyway, not mentioning Adam's smile when he saw the tickets:)))

The lucky numbers did not match ours, which was dissapointing at first, but in the end I think it's all right, really. We have a priviledge of celebrating Christmas in peace (unless we get fussy and start arguing, but this is all temporary, and means nothing in the bigger picture). Not everyone is so lucky...

Few days ago... Organizational crisis alert

... I forgot my Me-phone when leaving home in the morning. Nothing unusual there; it happens to me sometimes, but that day was supposed to be perfectly organised, pre-planned, and on-time: my Supergirl had a Christmas show at 11am...

The thing with this phone is, it is also my watch. I don't wear a waist one, used to do that, but stopped good few years ago, tried to return to my old habbit of having one on my hand, but it didn't feel right. Having a phone was more than enough. Besides, there's plenty of clocks all around us, all the time, right? Wrong. Sometimes, when you most desire them, when you least expect it, they are all gone to some imaginary Watchland.

In result, we were 5 mins late. The Mini-Man decided to walk a good chunk of the route I planned in between dropping his big sis off to school, and coming back after 2 hours. All really nice, at the riverside, cool but not smoggy. Anyone who ever been near Thames few times knows exactly what I mean by smoggy... Anyone who ever been in Thames, please accept my condolences. 
Still, I forgot he likes to explore. Every. Little. Piece. Of. Fence. He comes across. Bouncing is fun, and trampoline is not necessarily required. I know that now.

Fortunately, they had last minute rehearsals and the whole thing started 10 mins later. A.k.a. we made it:))) and my husband was there as well, which made my Supergirl's smile brighter than ever.:) It was interesting. And only a bit chaotic. Which I could tell only last evening, when we watched the whole thing thanks to my husband who filmed it all, while I was cheering, clapping, and holding the Mini-man after he noticed the wall bar, and decided to master his already pretty good climbing skills. No fifth hand at hand to keep the camera and record. Plus, I forgot the Me-phone...

It all ended up well, despite my obviously lecithin-free approach to the day.

Since then, I check up twice, or even three times, whether I have that phone with me, or not, before I leave home. I guess, that is lesson learnt, not really the hard way though.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Today, it occurred to me I stopped reading.
I don't mean flicking through Internet; that is something I do regularly, spend definitely too much time on, and no deep thoughts come out of it. Which is not a very bad thing if happening once in a while, but I get a feeling it turns my brain into some kind of a miserable tittle tattle, where all the valuable pieces of information get lost by a minute. 
I don't mean reading with my SuperSpidergirl; we tend to read quite often her little school books, or the library ones. That is a great experience which I sadly notice too rarely, rushing through, not cherishing the moment (when exactly there is another chance for me to bond with her over a book? When she is a teenager? Yeah, right...).
Looks like I have no right to me moments. I should get the other stuff right first, then focus on what I want. (But there's no one else but me to blame, if blame. Organisation is key.)
That is completely opposite to what all success driving manuals tell you.
Focus on you, get your satisfaction from life first, only then you can transport that inner happiness to others.
Well, today, for the first time I realised I haven't done what I used to love doing. Getting lost in written words. Coming back happier. So, now I'm going to read chaper 1 of the goldfinch. And see how it goes... :)))

Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's been a looooong time

since my last post. Well over 2 months, seriously:)!

Many things happen, and not so many.

We moved closer to where the world begins, and ends. No need to use the foot tunnel now to get to the Royal Observatory...;) still, my SuperSpiderGirl (her current official title) is attending the same school, so we know the tunnel pretty well by now.
Did you know it is 14m deep at its midpoint?:) who knew!... And, what a discovery...
Looking for a new place to live can be extremely stressful, and I fully experienced that. Out of that there is a slightly slimmer (tada! But not for long, let's face it, not for long... With the holidays coming it will all come back to me sooner than expected...) me, with over 2 weeks of a sore throat (or house warming party side effects, depending how you look at it), and few boxes still unpacked, waiting for that moment to be taken out and emptied. It might never come.

My SuperSpiderGirl is 6 now. Very proud of it. Understanding the whooole responsibility behind it. Being recognized at school as a funny, talented, honest and reliable. Which is beyond my expectations anyway, and a great joy to witness.

My Mini Man is an expert in climbing on chairs, tables, and any other type of furniture you may think of. Yes, that includes bookcases. And desks with PC. And floor lamps. Oh, and recently, he's a master in echo verification when we're in the tunnel. The voice goes far beyond where you may think. He's already recognized by the usual visitors to both lifts. We're becoming famous thanks to him:))))

My relationship is getting stronger, usual thing after few minor breakdowns (thank you, unreliable letting agents). Still, it's a battle with circumstances, good/bad humour, reverse weather conditions, my inner grumpiness, getting stronger when the days go shorter, and so on. But all I know is, when you stop fighting, you're ending up being lonely, miserable, and a waste to all. 

My mother in law was with us for over 2 weeks, and I clearly mistook hospitality with hostility. Which means I'm not the best of daughters in law on the planet right now. But time heals. I hope:)