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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Your destiny is in your past

Watched a very interesting interview with breathtakingly beautiful Penelope Cruz (this one).
While it was all meant to be funny, and yes, it was, one moment struck me there. Completely.

They talked about their childhood photos and how she was always posing, as apt as only a professional model/actress can. And then, the interviewer, comic and TV host, mentioned he was always making funny faces... And ended up in comic business (double meaning here fully intended;).

So, to discover your destiny... Just flick through your photos of you, when you were a child... It will tell you who you are deep inside.
If you think of how children's minds work (no one really knows but there's a direct link to sincerity and honesty, that's a given), that's a great starting point to discover who you should be to sync with inner you best...

So, who were you, as a child, when there were photos of you taken???:)))

Monday, 23 May 2016


that moment when you realise despite all the books you managed to read so far, you still use the same words in every second sentence... like 'actually'... wrrr...:)


I started to listen to an interview with Tom Hiddleston; like his voice, and the way he speaks, and plays with words in such a clear and rich way. In short, something really mindblowing would have to happen to drag me away from the speakers.
Yet, after half a minute (!) I find myself scrolling through mails, deleting the ones I no longer find applying, checking whatsapp, oh and yes, I was supposed to see where I am with my monthly mobile data usage... Hang on. What's happening? When so many people, and clearly me included, lost the ability to focus on one activity for longer than few seconds?

I know, having children helps. I am in the middle of reading a book, for example, and the main character is about to do something extraordinary... And then I hear call for help. And usually get a bit angry, as here I am with this book and I wish I could just put ear plugs on, and keep me in the zone... But then I recall that thought, the one that keeps me going for quite a while: in 10 years time I will miss these calls and that need for help, I will miss that like crazy. So I sigh, put the book away, and go...

Then again, I strongly believe children do make a great excuse. And sometimes it is just a sort of lazy line you come up with: I cannot do this / I cannot go there / I am not able to focus because I have children to attend to... Yeah, right. You are just on your well-worn, and well-known path, which is equally boring and cosy.

So maybe that's it - we are not challenging our minds enough? And they just get stuck and fit into ever-shrinking option? Where time is precious beyond extreme so we rather count seconds but in fact loose years on counter-productive activities?

Sometimes I honestly wish I had no phone...

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

What is your backing track?

Just listened and watched the mini series entitled Inside the music. With Gary Barlow explaining what it's like to be a musician and song writer.

Regardless of whether you like his music, or find it not necessarily right up your alley, there is no question about his talent, motivation, and ability to deal with what life brings you, and how you can turn obstacles into opportunities.

I particularly liked the second episode, a 4-minute insight into Inspiration.
Really think it is something any creative person, or business person should watch.

Two very important things to do then:
  • get out (no, I am not trying to be rude here, very happy if you are reading this, and I am not - by all means - suggesting you should leave; just go outside and see the world:), 
  • put your backing tracks on.

So, the real question is, what are your backing tracks? What makes your business, your creativity inspired? Is it a tune? Is is a voice? Is it a picture? Is it a book? Once you have that question answered, you can gather several backing tracks that are relevant for you, and tap onto them whenever you need inspiration.

Really interesting podcast that is. And really interesting to see how it applies to so many different aspects of creativity, or business ideas...

Monday, 9 May 2016


That feeling when you meet someone for the first time in your life, and you are to reveal something you don't feel OK with, to say the least... Not nice, at all. You almost wish you could do the toddler trick: cover your eyes with your hands, convinced no one sees you. And actually, not being seen.

Yet, you do what you think is best, and go on. Guess that is part of choices we make in our life. Sometimes just for us. Other times, for us and the ones we really care about.
As in the end, it is the best for them, too.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Some days are all about failure. And it is really hard to refrain from blaming all for that.
Like today.

After over an hour of discussion about why should we go for a trip (full 75 minutes; why I measured this is probably a hint for another story...), I officially gave up. I just gave up. I didn't raise my voice, which is a little bit of an achievement. I didn't show my anger, which might be seen as a small success. I didn't even whine, well, not too much at least. I just gave up.

What is the point of dragging someone to see something they don't seem to be interested in at all? The whole idea of trying something, and experiencing to be sure you like it or not, rather than just assuming you don't - it went completely unnoticed. Maybe it is for the best.

So, some days I fail. Some might say, most days. But they wouldn't be right, would they?:)