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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mispronounciation... or maybe not

We were waiting for our early lunch to bake. Pizza getting ready in the warm oven, with light from within putting glow on our faces, full of smiles and excitement.

Little things that give you joy.

We discussed the concept of timer. Which went onto the concept of time. There were 3 minutes left, so Mini Man pointed at the number and said: 'Three!'. Actually, it was more like: 'Threeeeeee!!!!!!!' which just makes me think how understanding one's neighbours can be. And whether we're already past the limits or just dangerously balancing at the verge of initially polite letters and semi-friendly smiles when passing each others on the corridor.
That doesn't seem to bother him, though. Especially when he says his three more like if he was saying 'free'. With me, of all the people being least skilled to correct someone's pronunciation, just genuinely smiling. Wanting to say something but pushing that teacher of mine deep down inside. Maybe he is right after all. Actually, he might as well be as free now as he ever will be.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Holding - the chills the laughter the sigh

Norton. Graham Norton. The man who makes me smile each time I have a chance to watch his show.

I knew he wrote up to two semi-biographical, semi non-fiction books, so a world of written words - which happens to be 'mine', too - is nothing new to him. This one though, 'Holding', is a crime mystery. Fiction to the fullest, basically.

One has expectations when reading a book. When you sort of know something about the author, you get into assumptions. I was therefore expecting funny. And met my expectations right at the beginning. There seems to be this vibe of sarcasm, irony, and deep observation of the world that cuts through. Gives laughter and joy. And brings back any memories one may have about Ireland. Or reveal discoveries one may not have been aware of up until now.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. Twisted as it should be in a decent crime story. Not so obvious and fooling a reader as it should, in a well-planned crime story. Giving you both chills and hope, and making your jaw drop as it should be - but rarely is - in a long-remembered crime story.

What took me completely by surprise though, was a collection of thoughts that made me think. And smile. It was that sad smile, the one I have when I sigh and remind myself of situations I have been through. Experiences that touched me and shaped me.
'Some marriages combust, others die, and some just lie down like a wounded animal, defeated.' Wasn't expecting that. Kudos.

I would recommend it to crime mystery lovers. I would definitely buy a copy as a present to anyone who is struggling with their everyday life. Finally, I would give it to anyone who needs some joy on a gloomy day.

I had an opportunity to ... Actually, no. I had a pleasure to read an ARC of this book via NetValley.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Silly little thing

It can happen to many. White it happened to me though?:)

I was restocking grocery items. You know, the essential stuff: milk, cereals, crackers, chocolate...:)
Food for brain and food for feelings basically.

And then, on my way back, I noticed the sticker happily accompanying one of my shoes. Anyone could see it as it was one of these neon green labels they sometimes put on shelves.

'Sorry, temporarily unavailable.'

No comments...
Just... no comments:)

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Fear and love

Is it possible to be afraid of someone and think it's love?

You would think not.

But, I heard few stories of women who thought exactly so. They were just not aware of that.

They say embrace your fear. Get to know it, it's the best way to confront it.
What if your fear is exactly the opposite? It is that fear that is confronting you. Getting to know you. Set boundaries for you. Confronts you daily. Controls you and shapes you as it pleases.

May happen more often that you think.

September is September and so be it

Honestly (and I mean it, it is not that honesty I believe I mentioned once, where you say that word just to follow it with a collection of lies, otherwise unjustified...)

Honestly then, if I come across another 'September is your new January' exclamation I'll write about it, I thought to myself last evening.
So, here it is ... :)

Since when we got the calendar so confused in the first place?
Christmas starts right after Halloween, which lasts at least 2 weeks in October. Spring cleaning is being advertised since February, courtesy of desperate all-purpose-bacteria-killing powders, mousses, and liquids manufacturers. Not to mention Valentine's Day which is no longer a day, rather a week slowly turning into a month.

I have nothing against spreading love. Let it last as long as possible. But calling September a January? That's gross. I'm sure it took September a while to get used to its name. Taking it's been quite a long time since Gregorian calendar is in place (426 years is quite long even for a turtle), I'd reckon it's ok now. September likes to be called September. I mean it took me less time to get used to my name. And I wouldn't like to be suddenly called a different one, unless it's my choice.

So, why don't all just stop. And leave September to its own name, well familiarised with it by now.

If you really want to start doing something new in your life, or tweak something you already started, just do it. Don't look for outer justifications. It won't do you good. It will be fake. It must come from within, from your heart. Or not come at all.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Follow but spice it up

It was a gloomy day. First of many September days, I believe. No problem. We have lots of books to read:)

The older one came in the middle of a point-turning chapter and proclaimed: 'I want yummy scrumptious sweets!' And immediately went back to their room. Maybe for the best, I must have had that 'Are you talking to me?!' look anyway.
3-2-1... The little one followed and said: 'I want yummy sweets, mummy. Can I please?'

She's winning by surprise, yet politeness and cheekiness can get him places, too ;)