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Friday, 29 January 2016

Let your soul be your pilot

Sting is my favourite singer. I don't know lyrics of all of his songs, but that doesn't stop me from singing them. Humming, if needs be. Sometimes in the least expected situations.
No complaints so far.

That song, about the soul leading your life, is really good. The lyrics quite inspiring.

I did that. Wasn't completely aware of the fact that I follow Sting's suggestion here, but I did.

It sucks. It is beautiful, crisp, clear, purifying. But it hurts even more.

They say there are no failures, just feedback.
I like it.

Lots of feedback for me these days.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Negative emotions and what they bring

I just read an interesting article about writing, and creating good fictional characters.
There is this quote which made me think:
'everybody can get angry, and everybody has things that inspire anger pretty easily'
When we get to know someone, we either see all the positive stuff first, or fish for flaws.
It all depends on how we see the world, what have we been through recently, or not so recently.

Likewise, when we get to know someone, we either try to impress them with all the positive stuff we have in us, or shock them with our flaws, and notice their reaction.

 There's more. Yes, everybody gets angry. Yes, anger can transfer into good stuff pretty easily.
But what matter most, is that all the negative stuff tells you more about another person.
Cause it reveals more of who they are.
And that is good.
That is how it should be.

I used to be in the 'good stuff' camp. Wooing others with a mixture of true me and fictional me, nice, helpful, and unreal.

Now, I usually do both. Not easy, but much better.
Even if that means more loneliness, and more rudeness.
It's much better.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

four word stories

I come across these on social media (obviously, where else...). Think it might be a good idea to put some down.

Not all are mine (well, actually, all are apart from one:), but I was there when they were told, so that kind of counts, doesn't it?:_)

- 'And she is dressed...'
- 'Shot. Scream. Void. Heartbroken.'
- 'It starts with doubts.'
- 'It grows with confidence.'
- 'It ends with despair.'
- 'She let him go.'
- 'He was free again.'
- 'I worry about daddy.'
- 'A hypocrite she is.'
- 'How come she wins?'

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Survival kit for broken souls

Following on the previous, quite pessimistic note really, about that blues, I decided to share my way to overcome it.

If it is just a tiny bit useful to anyone else there, it is worth it:_)

There it is, then. My 3-step survival kit for broken souls:

1. First, music. And no blues, well, not only blues:_)
Start with Adele, 21.
Then go on to Seal, 7 (what's better way to heal then listen to good old Seal... - that's how far and sophisticated I can get in terms of poetry... let's just leave it there...).
Then, its Sting era. With my favourite album, Mercury Falling (20 years, it's been recorded 20 years ago... Still, it gets me, now more then ever).

2. Then, art.
I write - wouldn't technically call that art in my case; it is rather a more or less random collection of scribbles, thoughts, and not necessarily well thought-through comments about my own little world.
But it could be proper writing, it could be rhyming, doodling, drawing, painting, pottery making. Anything that lets the emotions out in a peaceful way. Anything that lets you forget about your everyday life. Anything that soothes you.
You may need to go through all of the above to find the one way, your way. But it's worth it.

3. Finally, action.
That is the most difficult, and at the same of time - the simplest of all.
Difficult as it requires courage. Simple as that courage is already there, pulled out almost accidentally during any of the previous two phases. Just needs to be taken out. Like a dog for a walk:_)

In my case, that action phase took rather severe paths; some of them are quite ultimate in nature; others seem just a natural way forward.
It might be the same, or completely different for you.

But the best part of that survival strategy is, that it changes you. Makes you stronger. Helps you accept yourself.

And, all of the sudden, that stronger you sees all that lack of sun in a different perspective.
Longer nights have no fear in them. You know all the shapes and colours - they just doze until dawn so you can focus on the energy you have in you.
And let it out in good cause. For you, and the others around you. Your closest ones, and complete strangers.

And yes, it is worth it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

January blues

January blues hits everyone, at some point of their lives. For some, it may be just a short feeling of anxiety, lack of certainty, or sudden awkward belief they don't belong. For others, it may be a result of something deeper, longer. Finally, it may be a side-effect of a bigger change they are facing.

But it gets everyone. Everybody gets the blues...

I generally don't like labels. Here, it's even worse as blues is one of my favourite music genres. Why would I relate it to quite a depressing state when not enough sunlight brings people down?

Still, I appreciate the idea of naming things - it makes them less vague, more approachable, easier to face. January blues let it be then.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Lucky yet sad

2 days ago, it was the day of stripping the house down to its pre-Christmassy state.

All of the sudden, there is this feeling of something missing, almost as if someone very important packed all their things and went away.

More spacious and fresh environment (ok now, in fairness I wouldn't go that far - the place is more airy, agree, but cleaner? not really...). It almost hurts when you look around.

There seems to be a gap in the market in the 'fill the post Xmas tree space' area. If I was a seller in the furniture / home accessories industry, I'd put up a poster in the lines of: 'Our gigantic and otherwise hideously uncomfortable armchairs will now be your best friends, beating up that January blues in flashes of flashes. Missing your Xmas tree? Miss no more - just get one, or better, two of our dazzling green single-seat furniture pieces'...

According to most interior designers, a decluttered space should make you more focused, help you set and follow your goals, since then you do not have to waste your energy on keeping more and more stuff clean.

Well, how about the energy spent of thinking how that lonely room corner there would look like with a needless yet antique, French style plant stand? :_) ....

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

In the waiting line

That's exactly how I feel today. No way I can write something on my own. Just this:

Zero 7, 'In the Waiting Line':

'Do you believe
In what you see
There doesn't seem to be anybody else who agrees with me

Do you believe
In what you see
Motionless wheel
Nothing is real
Wasting my time
In the waiting line
Do you believe in
What you see'


Friday, 8 January 2016

All The Lights We Cannot See

Yet again, I am reading a book about World War 2.

It seems to be something I really 'enjoy' discovering. Probably due to the fact my family, like many others, was directly involved in those days. Witnessing its lack of common sense, and a harsh way to declutter. However cruel and inhuman that sounds.

If I think of a more distant history though, war was always there. There is no country created, restored, developed, or defeated otherwise than in a conflict involving violence, weapon, and attacks on freedom.

I guess I need these kind of novels to re-appreciate what I have. And in that sense, I enjoy them...

Sunday, 3 January 2016

How to start a year

I have got a perfect recipe. It is universal, easy and achievable to almost anyone.

To start your year properly, you should do so with love.
Towards people you are surrounded by, towards activities you do every day, towards things that make you feel comfortable, secure, and organised.

When there is no love, there is no interest, no passion, and no desire to do things better.
The same with people.

Love is the answer.
Live with love.