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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Seven and a little bit of void

Anyone's wondering how counting to 12 should go in a year of the rooster?

According to my I-know-it!-I-know-it! expert (he has 1350+ days of experience on 🌏, who'd dare to question that:), it's:

one two three four five six seven eleven and twelve

Logically, it must be the case.
It's all about the unexpected, the shortcuts and the rhyming... 2017 in a flash. Or flesh. Whichever you prefer.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

The extraordinary race

Today we were witnessing an exemplary of courage, bravery and speed. Two contestants, more different to each other than you could assume, were racing in a 15-metre, a.k.a. gigantic and spectacular run among sofa, chair, desk lamp, and a bookcase.

Everybody won.

Everybody shared the same medal, accepting well-deserved congratulations.

Everybody was happy. For that very short moment of excitement and pure joy, there was magic.
I guess this is what we are all, ultimately, are looking for in life. The magic:)

Monday, 13 February 2017


Today is the 44th day of the year. That's what the bus driver told me. Well, not him really, the info display on the bus, showing time, date, route and trivia stuff, like how many days are there left till the end of 2017 (321, interesting, as it's the exact reverse version of the, you guessed it, 123), whose names day it is (Greg and Kate), and finally which day of the year it is (my LMSP would know by now anyway; she really likes finding out solutions to math problems...)

To me, number 44 is quite specific. Not only because it's a combination of two exactly the same digits. But also because of that romantic poem written approximately 200 years ago by one of the 3 most significant Romantic poets of Polish literature. It was telling a story of the sort of chosen one who would save whoever needed to be saved. And that saviour's name was 44. So, it's important. It's the number and the name of the hero.

The day was not that heroic (unless you count my genuine attempts to stay calm and be brave at the dentist; you'd have to ask them whether successful, really, as my opinion is logically bias). But it meant something.

I had a chance to see people on the street. Not stare at them but notice the world around, the faces not so smiley, the talking not so light and positive, the air not so fresh and mild. All that was fascinating and sad at the same time.
Yet, when the false bomb alert came into equation, the one I was accidentally in the middle of, none of that mattered. The funny part was, I knew nothing of that.

Sometimes, not knowing is the best that can happen to you. Even if it is the last thing that happens to you.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Big black dog

- Can you please draw me a big black dog, please? - he says, giving me this 'I love you so why don't you do what I am asking you to? Nicely?' kind of look (ok, I'm trying here not to become this insanely fixated mother, who thinks and talks about no one else but her magnificent children. I'm trying... He's not that manipulative, he's cheeky and has these ideas that put him into trouble but he's a good boy, deep down inside he is a good one, so fingers crossed I won't spoil him...:)

5 minutes later we end up with a fox. It looks quite realistic, apart from the fact it is black. And nowhere near the dog some of us expected it to be.

- Looks like big dogs are out of my reach for now - I say - Is it ok if we have a fox instead?

He thinks about it before saying:
- How about a small black dog? Can you draw me a small one, please?

All of a sudden, trying to stay sane and not in awe of how genius a 3.5-year old can be, all that trying is very challenging.  Almost impossible. And for a short moment, it actually is.

(Turns out that small animals are within my artistic reach. Black dog in petite, anyone?:)