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Thursday, 2 March 2017

We are reading

The Book Week

Yes, it's the world books' day today but at some places, including my monsters' school, they extended it to the whole week. So it's a full 5-day celebration of the written word. And the joy it brings to our lives if only we let it in.

Also, this is the first week in the last 52 we kind of blend in.
When the little one's being devastated we have nothing to read on the bus (10-minute journey, a.k.a. eternity in his opinion; with special relativity theory being in place for 112 years now who's going to argue with him about it? Certainly not me), like he was this morning, we're blessed with genuine smiles and semi-adoration from other passengers.
In truth, we are also slowly making progress on the let's-be-polite-and-use-our-library-voices-shall-we route. Which helps.
 By the way, realising the fact that a concept of a library voice is clearer than a concept of an indoor voice for a not-so-typical 3.5-year old, realising that is both amazing (that's me) and slightly intriguing (some unfulfilled psychologists, maybe).
Not to mention, it is another example of blending.

Actually, we look almost 100% normal.

Looking forward to a singing week now. As then we will be again a perfect illustration of a casual modern family, strolling down or up the hills in a park. With me singing quietly the shape of you, the SpiderGirl creating her own song. And the Mini-Man, crying his heart out for 3 kings who were riding the bumpy, bumpy road, regardless of seasons.

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