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Thursday, 24 August 2017

951 years later, here we came

I forgot to mention, we went to Hastings.

This is not an extract from King Harald's diary. This is me speaking, again - !:), after a long while. Consistency, my way.

We went, we saw, we won. Trains and walks. Castles and fun fairs. Laughs and eye-openers.
We ticked all the boxes from the standard traditional what to do on a beach trip list: took a mini train, checked local attractions (merry-go-rounds and trampolines), ate fish and chips and lollies, and ice-creams, threw pebbles into the sea, hid from torrential rain on day 1, let the sun kiss our skins on day 2, hiked around castle ruins, and made friends with seagulls (as it later turned out, they were not making friends with us, rather with our food)...

But the most important was the invisible (yes, little prince, you were never wrong there:). Sometimes, in the midst of everyday life, one is not aware their little ones are not that little, after all. They turn out to be organised, helpful, responsible, and caring (that one I am blessed with quite often, heartwarming every time).

This is why travels are important. Even if it takes less than 2 hours, not 2 or 3 weeks, like it did for Harald (probably).


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