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Monday, 22 September 2014

The world is ours

This weekend was extremely hectic.
Saturday resulted in yet another approach to interpret the Funny Bones cartoon Zosia has been studying at school lately.

(Last weekend we went to the London Museum of Zoology, to see the bones, and skeletons of various species, including our pretty successful attempt to reconstruct a gorilla out of a stack of small and large pieces of, well, bones. Quite exciting actually. All were happy to touch skin of a huge snake, see how a hedgehog can protect itself, look at bat's beautiful wings, oh, and meet a scarab. Or its scaringly authentic model...)

Meaning, we got ourselves tired, viewing houses and apps, wandering around surrounding parks, visiting local McD's (as you do when you promote a healthy and balance lifestyle for you and your family, 'cause it's easy, affordable, and simply and long-term: the best), and checking how sturdy a floor in each of bedrooms available to view might be (that's our mini-man; for now it looks like he will make a career in tapping ... and I mean dancing, not playing the guitar)

The air was soo much better, without the usual smog welcoming us pretty every day from the Thames.

Sunday, in turn, revealed another consequence of the previous day's endeavour: a hoarse voice of the youngest among us. Meaning, we stayed at home most of the time, looking forward to the final match. Which was a great thing to watch, and even better to celebrate afterwards.


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