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Thursday, 18 September 2014

(Over?)load with news

One morning, we had a serious discussion about news. By some it might even be understood as a cut-throat quarrel. There seemed to be no tolerance to my hunger for news.

I have only recently realised that up until recently I was one of them: totally controllable rep of masses.
Now I am one of those who sense conspiracy against us all. That includes, and does not limit to, chemtrails.
When my phone buzzes letting me know there's an email in my inbox I have not yet read, I don't go frantic about it. Does it mean I'm indeed beyond? If so, why can't I turn the sounds off? ...

A sense of solitude, my universe narrowed down to morning routine on our way to the primary school, and hastened trips to collect, with some days of total void in between... Enough self-pity. There's over 5k mums like you, at least Polish mums in the UK sharing their frustrations, issues and ideas on FB...

Would I be the same without kids? Would I be better-off? Would I wear wool bluebonnet (how appropriate, especially today...) and visit church as often as my bathroom? Would I wander around, visiting countries, exploring mountains, becoming quite an apty climber?

I just had a beer. Too many thoughts in one glass. Not having another though. I'm a mum:)

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