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Monday, 2 May 2016


Some days are all about failure. And it is really hard to refrain from blaming all for that.
Like today.

After over an hour of discussion about why should we go for a trip (full 75 minutes; why I measured this is probably a hint for another story...), I officially gave up. I just gave up. I didn't raise my voice, which is a little bit of an achievement. I didn't show my anger, which might be seen as a small success. I didn't even whine, well, not too much at least. I just gave up.

What is the point of dragging someone to see something they don't seem to be interested in at all? The whole idea of trying something, and experiencing to be sure you like it or not, rather than just assuming you don't - it went completely unnoticed. Maybe it is for the best.

So, some days I fail. Some might say, most days. But they wouldn't be right, would they?:)

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