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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Your destiny is in your past

Watched a very interesting interview with breathtakingly beautiful Penelope Cruz (this one).
While it was all meant to be funny, and yes, it was, one moment struck me there. Completely.

They talked about their childhood photos and how she was always posing, as apt as only a professional model/actress can. And then, the interviewer, comic and TV host, mentioned he was always making funny faces... And ended up in comic business (double meaning here fully intended;).

So, to discover your destiny... Just flick through your photos of you, when you were a child... It will tell you who you are deep inside.
If you think of how children's minds work (no one really knows but there's a direct link to sincerity and honesty, that's a given), that's a great starting point to discover who you should be to sync with inner you best...

So, who were you, as a child, when there were photos of you taken???:)))

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