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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

I am flying

And here I was, 11300 metres above the sea level
('Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Once again apologies for this one-hour delay, this summer we're experiencing the busiest air traffic ever. Since we are slightly higher than usual, our speed exceeds the usual one, too. We're flying 900km/hour at the moment. Enjoy your flight.').

Realising who I love. Identifying all the ones I really care about. One by one. It happened to me once, before, when I was on my own on a plane, too. Different times, same destination. Almost the same people in my thoughts. One which I should have included in my group wasn't there. Like if they didn't exist. I ignored it back then. Now I think I probably shouldn't have.

Why do we need to be at a distance to see? Why can't we notice the most important things, and admire our own, unique and personalised bigger picture, when we're in it?

Looks like it's difficult to see beyond and above while being surrounded with things.

Looks like everybody should fly. Once in a while.

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