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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Just a day

Started quite early. Not too early according to my standards, but early enough. 6:47 says my phone.

Still can't get myself to start using a wrist watch again. It's been 6 months, and still it doesn't seem to be enough to get back to me from the past. Ah well, maybe I don't need it that much then.

 '2 minutes', I think to myself. 'Maybe 3, but that's about it.' And yes, it is 6:49 when the Mini-Man storms into the bedroom, owning the bed, the duvet, and me, really. If he's like that for the next 20 years, he's sorted. Not with me. That would be creepy. In general. Perseverance, they call it. Or cheekiness and loveliness. Or all of these things.

10 minutes and one glass of water with lemon juice later, we're fast breaking. It's cool. The door to our balcony is open, bringing fresh breeze and making the blinds whirl and swirl. It's nice.

It's one of those nursery days today so 2 hours later we're on the go. What a rush!:)
Summer shines, making everything look a bit hazy and faded, just like it's supposed to be when you're on your holidays. Even when technically you're still at home.

It's not about the place.
It's about the feelings, attitude, and emotions.
You could be miserable in the perfect place.
You can, however, be at ease and in peace in the least expected holiday destination...

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