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Sunday, 4 September 2016

September is September and so be it

Honestly (and I mean it, it is not that honesty I believe I mentioned once, where you say that word just to follow it with a collection of lies, otherwise unjustified...)

Honestly then, if I come across another 'September is your new January' exclamation I'll write about it, I thought to myself last evening.
So, here it is ... :)

Since when we got the calendar so confused in the first place?
Christmas starts right after Halloween, which lasts at least 2 weeks in October. Spring cleaning is being advertised since February, courtesy of desperate all-purpose-bacteria-killing powders, mousses, and liquids manufacturers. Not to mention Valentine's Day which is no longer a day, rather a week slowly turning into a month.

I have nothing against spreading love. Let it last as long as possible. But calling September a January? That's gross. I'm sure it took September a while to get used to its name. Taking it's been quite a long time since Gregorian calendar is in place (426 years is quite long even for a turtle), I'd reckon it's ok now. September likes to be called September. I mean it took me less time to get used to my name. And I wouldn't like to be suddenly called a different one, unless it's my choice.

So, why don't all just stop. And leave September to its own name, well familiarised with it by now.

If you really want to start doing something new in your life, or tweak something you already started, just do it. Don't look for outer justifications. It won't do you good. It will be fake. It must come from within, from your heart. Or not come at all.

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