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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mispronounciation... or maybe not

We were waiting for our early lunch to bake. Pizza getting ready in the warm oven, with light from within putting glow on our faces, full of smiles and excitement.

Little things that give you joy.

We discussed the concept of timer. Which went onto the concept of time. There were 3 minutes left, so Mini Man pointed at the number and said: 'Three!'. Actually, it was more like: 'Threeeeeee!!!!!!!' which just makes me think how understanding one's neighbours can be. And whether we're already past the limits or just dangerously balancing at the verge of initially polite letters and semi-friendly smiles when passing each others on the corridor.
That doesn't seem to bother him, though. Especially when he says his three more like if he was saying 'free'. With me, of all the people being least skilled to correct someone's pronunciation, just genuinely smiling. Wanting to say something but pushing that teacher of mine deep down inside. Maybe he is right after all. Actually, he might as well be as free now as he ever will be.

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