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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A month (and a day) away

Anyone - like if there was a crowd of readers falling over each other.... anyway, anyone reading this is highly appreciated, truly:) - anyone then expecting a cut-throwing and gasps-triggering review of 31+ days in a middle of nowhere, a.k.a. no WiFi available area: sorry, none of that. Not even remotely, ironically.

There was a vast amount of thoughts, some mean, most low-esteem (move along, nothing new to see here, self-pity again, really? boooriiing... did I mention move along?:), one or two falling into 'maybe I should post something, then again the whole idea of this blog is not about should but could and did, so...'

Let's face it: it was either a choice between focusing on what I do for a living and teeter at the so called verge of bankruptcy (don't laugh, it is closer than one may think; definitely closer than a naive version of me thinks), or call the whole 'let's pretend I am a good and decent parent' thing off and focus on lifetime experiences. Travelling to the other parts of the world? Why not! Some can do it, why can't I?

Two reasons. Well, 4 actually, depending on how you look at it. Two pairs of eyes, one blue, one greyish-greeny. Looking at me every day. Looking up to me most of the days. As long as they do, there is this mixture of being humble, honoured and responsible for looking back sincerely. Since I know it will not last. And in few years' time these eyes' owners will inevitably learn I am not the most intelligent (well... ;) and most well-informed human being. I kind of try to stay in the 'I am worth talking to' kind of zone. One in 7+billion. Yet, these two are one of a kind for me. And that is the most important thing. Does it define me? Hopefully, not. Does it impact me? Hellyeah. Does it make make me a more thoughtful person? No need to answer that. Right? :)

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