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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sir David and us

Sometimes I just want to hide under bed sheets all day and pretend I'm not here. So I did just that yesterday. With the two of them. The best lay-in you could imagine, honestly.

Well, it wasn't a 100% lay-in, by definition. One has to eat (and one like to eat, so that helps:). We were watching 'Life', beautiful series of tales about nature and its charm told by Sir David Attenborough. Highly recommended.
At first, I was informed by my 8.5-year old that it was not a good idea 'as the little one will have nightmares after watching this and I am definitely not watching it anyway.' There is logic (there always is) behind her words, I know these documentaries can be quite scary sometimes, but using me as a chair and gluing together did its job for him.
One cheetah later she was suddenly convinced, too. 'It's a cheetah! And an ostrich! They can run really fast!' Yep:)
What a nature can do to you and to your 'definitely not' attitude is somewhat amazing, isn't it?:)

So we are breaking our fast and watching the hippos jaw-dropping. Also, watching the hippos, jaw-dropping: 'Mummy, these hippos are really big!!' Fighting over a territory, or a flock, that is a pod. Whoever wins, gets in charge. I just can't stop thinking then that we humans are so mammals.
The birds semi-magically dancing on the water surface, again in a contest to win a flock (this time it is a flock). Which makes my definitely-not-watching 8.5-year old share her remarks: 'I don't exactly understand why they are fighting over females. Like if the females had nothing to say.' 'Well, in this case, they actually don't.' 'I know!, she says.' Obviously:) 'But it just doesn't make sense.'

It does for the flock. But for the humans, it doesn't. I'm glad she gets it. If she keeps it that way, it might make her life less easy but definitely more worthy. Life-worthy.

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