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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Shhhtshhh aka jazz

So, I went to see that concert last night.
Seeing is not necessarily what we aim for though, is it? We're supposed to be listening to, immerse ourselves into music, forget where we are, relax, and enjoy. Yet, these days it's all about see and be seen. Look and be looked at. It's almost as if the whole society forgot there are other senses, including common sense, sadly. There's vision and nothing else. We even say 'vision' when we describe a clear goal and an organised set of strategic thoughts put in place. And we call someone 'sound', when they are logical, offer advice based on good judgement, while appearing, and in some cases even actually being, reliable.

I went to listen to jazz last night. And what a jazz evening it was:) There were barely any empty seats left. Which gives me hope.
In terms of vision, maybe it wasn't visionary, as the pieces were more about past experiences, memories, and feelings, both of the wonderful composer and pianist, and me. But it helped me put my own life in perspective a bit. While enjoying myself and feeling relaxed, and a bit at a distance with everything that has been going on recently.
The sound, that's a completely different level of reality. You could hear classical pieces jazzed up, and I mean definitely up:) you might have even get a piece of contemporary music created by another great composer who lived 40+ years ago, here modified and interpreted differently, with respect to its genuinely genius sounds. But the best parts were the original pieces. Where there was sadness and hope, and a bit of pain, with lots of smiles and giggles, and hope. At least that is what I heard. The beauty of a sound is you can anything you feel like, when you let yourself listen.

I went to see Leszek Mozdzer in kings place last night. A magical evening. A delight.

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