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Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Spy

I read the Spy with no expectations as such. To be honest, I had a chance to read Paulo Coelho books previously (who hasn't:), and I didn't find the vibe, however enchanting it was, as the one I could get myself lost in. I didn't understand the fascination behind the river bank where you cry, the idea of a pilgrimage didn't excite me. At the same time, I respected the ones who were fascinated, excited, and couldn't not stop talking about it.

This book, this is something different. Almost as if the author decided to travel to another planet, came back, and realised that here, on Earth, there are people like me;) - the ones who like to understand other human beings' motives. The ones who find it amazing how a coincidence (is it coincidence though, really?) can make you switch your life in an instant.

I loved the book. It gave me an insight into who the lady in question might have been - as we never really know for sure this is exactly who she was... Her behaviour irritated me, her actions and reactions made me want to step inside and talk to her (out of whatever she wanted to pursue). Her whole demeanour felt real.

Highly recommended.

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