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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Ups and downs

School term started, and after the first full week everyone is a bit tired. Days are surprisingly well organized (ok, not that surprisingly, I have always been good at putting things together, it just took some time to come back to that:) and packed. Not sure if we are able to keep it that way but it would be nice as it significantly increases likelihood of a good night sleep for all...

With my birthday and other significant dates slowly approaching I seem to be on a short-patience span end. The good side is, there is more discipline included and firm lines are being redrawn as to what is acceptable and what is not. The family rules we set over a year ago are being reread. That is definitely a good thing.

Another interesting thing is hearing a non-constructive criticism from somebody that I used to know and not being bothered by it. Whereas two years ago that same thing would make me want to curl up and cry.

And then the department of sharing and caring seems to be developing. Like today, when my SuperSpiderGirl had her portion of jellies and wanted to give half to me. When I ate two and said that it was enough and I appreciated it but didn't feel like eating any more, she said: 'Ok, I will leave it for you for later.' Then thought it over and said: 'Or, how about if I eat them for you?'

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