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Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I hate it. And I know how ridiculous that approach is; a mum with 2 children should be flawless in planning things. I am definitely not.
At the same time however, I love organising and preparing daily, or even weekly activities for my kids. It's beyond a week that frightens me, and freezes my super planning powers. It's a plan for me, and my life, that doesn't seem to exist.

Not true. I know exactly what I would like to do. I am just too scared to face that. And to follow my so-called dream.

However, recently I have been feeding myself with motivational speeches from the likes of Brian Tracy, Kyle Cease, and my husband;) to overcome that hidiously inappropriate shyness.

Technically, once you have exposed yourself more than once to complete strangers, you shouldn't feel ashamed of yourself. I refer here not only to the fact of giving birth to a child in a fleshy hospital environment; there is actually quite a significant history of me speaking in public. And being - surprisingly often - listened to. That, in short, should make me feel more self-aware, and let me look bright into the future I want to create for me and my closest ones.

It seems to be harder than I could ever imagine. While I am good in listening to others, express my empathy, and even provide a piece of advice here and there, which usually makes my day when feeling down;), I somehow struggle to give and follow a piece of advice myself.

Hm. Somehow my post on planning shifted to a pitiful attempt of a life analysis, provided by a psychologist I have never been... ;)))

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