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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Organise yourself

This year,  I was a bit late with spring cleaning action, so I decided to rebrand it to the 'Post-Easter decluttering days' which instantly made my guilt fade away.
As I took the last part of the name literally, I am still taking my time to put everything back in order.

One of my proudest achievement was starting to clear up my mailbox. Apparently I haven't done it for ages; over 4 years to be precised.
I am sure there are many people saying that even this very moment around the world, but it's incredible what you can find after such a long period. You can dig into details you completely forgot about, restore old favorites ('Java online course, anyone?;), and even rediscover a recipe for celery pate you were kindly given and was supposed to make yourself several times. It's never too late to start, and when I think of it now, it must have been very good;)

It's that feeling, a bit like flicking through old photographs you have done but then didn't do a proper backup and they were gone from your memory until now.

Sometimes it is good to let the organizational stuff go and have a pile waiting for you to be sorted (well, I know this is not always the case but you know this is suppose to be a cheer you up post, not the one making you feel sorry for all your mistakes including that untouched pile of unsorted documents waiting for you since Christmas. Probably Christmas 2013...).

You'll never know what you may find...

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