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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Past simple and present perfect

We live in a weird world.
It's almost as if there were two worlds, the one which is real, and the one which is happening online.

The second one creates those unreal images, actions, recipes which the first one breathlessly tries to follow, and execute. While it is good to take good care of yourself, sleep well, eat well, do some sports, etc, it's so easy to cross the line. And let that chase for perfectionism be the essence of your life.

By all means, I'm not trying to say how difficult it is to live now, and how straightforward life has been in the last centuries.
Looking at the world 500 years ago, for example, there was only a tiny percentage of people who could read, write, had proper clothes for different seasons, talked in different languages.
Completely different to our times.
And it was a vicious competition around power, politics, and wealth.

Totally similar to what we are facing now;)

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