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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Negative emotions and what they bring

I just read an interesting article about writing, and creating good fictional characters.
There is this quote which made me think:
'everybody can get angry, and everybody has things that inspire anger pretty easily'
When we get to know someone, we either see all the positive stuff first, or fish for flaws.
It all depends on how we see the world, what have we been through recently, or not so recently.

Likewise, when we get to know someone, we either try to impress them with all the positive stuff we have in us, or shock them with our flaws, and notice their reaction.

 There's more. Yes, everybody gets angry. Yes, anger can transfer into good stuff pretty easily.
But what matter most, is that all the negative stuff tells you more about another person.
Cause it reveals more of who they are.
And that is good.
That is how it should be.

I used to be in the 'good stuff' camp. Wooing others with a mixture of true me and fictional me, nice, helpful, and unreal.

Now, I usually do both. Not easy, but much better.
Even if that means more loneliness, and more rudeness.
It's much better.

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