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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Survival kit for broken souls

Following on the previous, quite pessimistic note really, about that blues, I decided to share my way to overcome it.

If it is just a tiny bit useful to anyone else there, it is worth it:_)

There it is, then. My 3-step survival kit for broken souls:

1. First, music. And no blues, well, not only blues:_)
Start with Adele, 21.
Then go on to Seal, 7 (what's better way to heal then listen to good old Seal... - that's how far and sophisticated I can get in terms of poetry... let's just leave it there...).
Then, its Sting era. With my favourite album, Mercury Falling (20 years, it's been recorded 20 years ago... Still, it gets me, now more then ever).

2. Then, art.
I write - wouldn't technically call that art in my case; it is rather a more or less random collection of scribbles, thoughts, and not necessarily well thought-through comments about my own little world.
But it could be proper writing, it could be rhyming, doodling, drawing, painting, pottery making. Anything that lets the emotions out in a peaceful way. Anything that lets you forget about your everyday life. Anything that soothes you.
You may need to go through all of the above to find the one way, your way. But it's worth it.

3. Finally, action.
That is the most difficult, and at the same of time - the simplest of all.
Difficult as it requires courage. Simple as that courage is already there, pulled out almost accidentally during any of the previous two phases. Just needs to be taken out. Like a dog for a walk:_)

In my case, that action phase took rather severe paths; some of them are quite ultimate in nature; others seem just a natural way forward.
It might be the same, or completely different for you.

But the best part of that survival strategy is, that it changes you. Makes you stronger. Helps you accept yourself.

And, all of the sudden, that stronger you sees all that lack of sun in a different perspective.
Longer nights have no fear in them. You know all the shapes and colours - they just doze until dawn so you can focus on the energy you have in you.
And let it out in good cause. For you, and the others around you. Your closest ones, and complete strangers.

And yes, it is worth it.

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