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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

21 + 6

Apparently, that is the lucky number. This is how many times we will be spreading love, joy, smiles, and hopefully 'awww' moments around Xmas time this year. This is the amount of stamps a kind post office assistant will put on the cards this year, asking me kindly how I've been, and equally kindly calling me darling (this is that casual darling people say that means nothing more than 'hey, I recognise you, you're here often'; still it's nice of them)...

Is it too little? Is it perhaps too much?

If you think about the number of times we have been packing things up, it's probably brilliant. One of the greatest way of de-cluttering the place you live in is to move out; if it happens to be in another country, the better for you.
If you think about the number of times I failed to stay in touch with friends, like real friends, its pathetic.

But that is how things are. Sometimes it is better to leave them as they are. However important it is to keep relationships, nourish them, and cherish them, sending a seasonal card once a year won't help. It may in fact annoy the recipient: not her again, what does she want from me, and so on.

While the most crucial person in the world to me should always be, you guessed it, me:), the following question is when I am closest to happiness. In other words, what would I like to have happen (:))) Is it when I am drowning in my own thoughts, on my own, hopefully with a book (hey, that doesn't sound so bad:). Or is it rather when there is another human being who is willing to (dis)agree with me on any subject, from tree lights to the next step in my ever glowing (hehe) career path...

I guess this is the question anybody should ask themselves. When they are on their own, actually. In their own thoughts. With a book nearby, to act as a reward when the answer is found, cherished, and nourished. Right before the call ones make to a friend of theirs. To discuss the tree lights, for example...

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