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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Humbility, really?

There is a thin line between being modest and annoyingly shy. To the point that it is no longer sincere, rather theatrical.

Yet, I keep hearing how humble you should be when you are leading. When you are mentoring. When you are listening.

That is wrong. When you are trying to fight back your silly habit of devaluing yourself, getting advice to stay modest is the worst one can give you. Trust me, I know:)

Snails have this amazing ability to hide when things don't go their way. For as long as I remember, I was finding that feature fascinating. Starting from cosy little house carried around with them at all times, to the fact there was no unnecessary accessories (never my thing, I like pretty little things however impractical they might be, but trying to stay below the clutter level, which is not so easy sometimes:), to the fact that snails to me are this mixture of lazy self-awareness and powerful self-confidence. Time is not their enemy.

And in that sense, I feel that leaders should be taught how to be snails rather than how to be humble. To know that slowing down is good. To get rid of unnecessary gimmicks. To respect others and go their way. To feel that hiding sometimes is the best you can do. As long as it is your environment and your people you are hiding with, creating that bonding and appreciation of skills gathered in one place.

Snails are cool:)

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