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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

La beaute

Freedom is my favourite song. Everything about that song clicks. The lyrics, the rhythm, and the coolest video ever: with beautiful people lip syncing, letting the singer hide, and sort of flipping the whole idea of a human body being not at all about the looks. Even the kettle boiling on the radiator. Everything clicks.

It is sad to see beautiful minds go. It is sad to realise they will never create another wonderful piece. While it was a sad late night last night for me, and thoughtful and sad day today, the youngsters made it bearable.

I was putting my darkest lipstick on this morning. In sync with my mood, and a with small mirror in one hand, the rich red wine colour in the other. This is how my mini man saw me. He came, looked and said 'let me see', pointing at the mirror. So I handed it to him. He looked at the reflection in the mirror without concern (unlike his mum did for quite some time until quite some time). After all 3 seconds of thorough examination he said 'beautiful' quietly, handed me the mirror back, and walked away. Secure and confident. No second thoughts. Beautiful indeed.

'That is the problem with being beautiful', said LMSP, now 8, few hours later, when we were watching a movie (low key and quiet approach to Xmas this year, out of necessity but turned out good; calm and peaceful but good). 'Everybody likes you. And you get a lot of attention. Which is silly. You're not nice just because you're beautiful. You're nice when you're kind. It's all about the behaviour'. While my NLP course tells me it is not necessarily true (we are much more than our behaviour), I managed to keep the 'I know better and you are wrong, missy' approach shut.

Beautiful means full of beauty. All sorts of beauty. Among other things.
And it is great to know you don't have to be old to realise that.

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