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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

It's all about the name after all - again

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a portable solution used to be: Is it Mac, and why can't I afford it... Latest Apple developments slightly put me off (your welcome, IT budget:), so here I am, reviewing, checking, comparing.

And then, matching half of critical 'ingredients' is Yoga. They actually called it Yoga. And the more I think about it, the more I realise that one is exactly the one I need.

It all started with a car. It was the same brand that my dad's so made it all easier to manage. But the most important thing was its colour.  The brightest red, like the one of a Ferrari. OK, it didn't look the same, but the shades, the tones, the blushes and flushes. It fitted perfectly. And it survived my clumsiness as a beginner, saving me at least half a dozen times.

Then, I remember, good few years ago, in the hassle-free era of twenties (OK, it was ages ago...), I was to buy a bike. A cycling bike. Something good for riding, to make me slimmer (I should say 'even slimmer' but nope, that wouldn't be the case:), and happier, and give me that feeling of total freedom one truly appreciates when out, on the country road. Even better with your boyfriend, although then you sort of try harder so it's a bit more exhausting.

Anyway, being an expert in the subject I had no idea what I wanted. And then I saw the best of bikes. It was red (again:). And its name was Kraken.
Later that month it turned out there was quite an annoying manufacturing error included in the package, resulting in several internal punctures. Testing boyfriend's commitment to it all.

But the name. It was the most important thing.

So now, it's all about flexibility and relaxation. Things which, apparently, at least according to my best of knowledge, a laptop can give you...

<nearly two years ago I wrote this... some things change, some stay the same...:)>

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