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Friday, 27 February 2015

What is in a name

'What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet'
The guy who probably never really existed (the are many claiming the opposite, my secondary school literature teacher included), yet so many versatile quotes floating around for the last 500 years, or so.

Recently I noticed the overwhelming popularity of twisted names.
A rose is no longer the rose, there is some multi-petal delicately scented flower representative available instead. I mean, are there any sellers left out there, or have they all been successfully swollen by shop attendants, retail assistants, or - in extreme cases - partners (apologies, Waitrose)? What about janitors, or caretakers? There are Site Managers now serving the dwellers, or the Concierge Representatives doing exactly the same work but for a title ranking high to the stars.

I have absolutely nothing against anybody working, quite envy in a way; in fact I respect and value all who have enough guts, will and motivation to work rather than put the lame 'I'm in need for some cash' sign and sit. It's just funny to see how the descriptive name of a job evaluated to another level, sometimes next to an absurd, or a ridiculous one. All in the name of appearing more important without the need of actually showing the importance of your actions. All in the name of time passing by, and necessity to instantly prove something.

Therefore I have become a respectful and graceful childcare provider (don't you dare calling me a minder!:) for my small gang of two. Which usually feels like 6. But that's another story...

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