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Friday, 1 May 2015

In perspective

There were 2 of them. Calm, like if nothing bothered them. Which was probably the case now.
Lying peacefully, in contrast to their slightly twisted bodies.
They cared no more. But hardly anyone gathered around envied them their zen approach to life. Well, theirs was already gone, at least there and then.

It was a busy midweek morning. We were catching every minute to comb long hair, put some makeup on (that's me...), find matching shoes (that's everybody). Until I saw them, near the zebra crossing we always take on our way to school, no longer here but here at the same time, happy and not happy at the same time, I was angry with everything. We were running late.

It's sad and cruel, and probably socially unacceptable. But someone else's misery, pain, or death can put you in perspective. And makes you see the bigger picture. Happy faces. Alive. Words spoken to you here and now. Laughter and joy.

It could have been us. That van could have been running late, too. 15 minutes between us and the end of it all...

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