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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Independence Day

This is not about the most important celebration of any country.

This is about my little one turning 2 this week...

No, I do not feel older, awkward, or not at ease with that fact; I'm surprisingly OK.
It is, however, astonishing to me, that this birthday literally made my MiniMan a young fellow, who would happily walk on his own, say hello to people (including our neighbour on a morning rush to school), and such a not-a-baby sometimes...

Yes, the tantrums have also arrived. I loose my temper although I do try to keep my voice down (if my husband is reading this right now, he is probably shaking his head...:_).

As yet another bonus, our SuperSpiderGirl became a real big sister; the result being they started to play with each other, and - kind of - hang around. While she is a bit more cautious then she used to be, he is more happy to follow her no matter what. Well, almost.

I guess jaw-dropping is with me more often these days....

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