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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Facebook is my life

When did it happen? I haven't really noticed. Yet, somehow, this became my second nature. And it firmly stays there.

I could try and analyze it the smart way: necessity to 'talk' to someone; endless possibilities to speak, and be heard; ability to join trillions of groups, and express yourself whenever you want, and create your image in so many ways. It is beyond belief.

Actually, sometimes it is not true after all - people fake their personalities and their opinions just to be more trustworthy in what they do - again, beyond belief.
I became one of them - well, apart from that fakiness - don't really have energy to create false facts and figures. You would need extra time for that, too:_)
But I became linked to Facebook more than I admit, and definitely more than I should.
And no justification (yes, a business profile could be one, but... There are at least good few more platforms that could be used, and I seem to be oblivious there...).

Like any other form of addiction, you need to set your limits. Have a plan, a timetable, a schedule, with space dedicated to breath, have fun, and enjoy. Something I always struggle with. Something I always tend to avoid. Something that pays off really well, if you actually follow it.

I guess my work-life balance is just one vast space for improvement here...

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