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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

First days of June - reflections of a 6.5 year old

Mum, do you know - said my 6.5 year old Bella (she wears that dress all the spare time these days, which is good, in a way - who wold have thought when buying a costume party outfit that it would be worn over and over again, despite no parties as such? a new approach to lets-not-waste:_)

Hm? - I said (I know I should've been more polite, and give something like - what is it my Dear - as an answer, but we were going up the hill, and I had the buggy with one million bags, the usual nomad approach to everyday life, no change there, ironically)

Do you know, that with each step we are more far away, and closer at the same time?

She's a genius!
And so much like her mother, it's insane ;)


I don't like this - she said, pointing at one of those Juliette balconies, ridiculously looking indeed.

Why? - I said, such an original opening quote.

What's the point? No use. Silly - she stated.

She's such a remarkable observer!
Again, she reminds me of her mum in every single second like this ;)


'I don't feel like eating breakfast. I'm too tired...'

(well, that is not exactly my ideal approach to a morning routine, but yes, I remember situations when glass of water, and a mug full of coffee were my breakfast... Shame on me)

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