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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

All the colours

There has been an increase of tolerance being shown of, thrown easily onto FB profiles of people, and so on. I get the concept, have nothing against it, just hope all the joyful participants are truly ok with the concept of gender equality.
I call myself a tolerant person, too. Yet I find the subject personal, too personal to share with all the people. Including my friends from social media, and my friends in real life. I think it is conformity, and honesty - two concepts that stuck with me since childhood. You wanted to join a gang, you had to act like the gang. If you lied, you were dead to them.
Teaching your child sincerity, and understanding the differences is one of the most challenging values I find in today's world. It is so easy to hide behind prejudices, laugh at someone's inability to do something the way someone else does. Since I'm kind of involved into beauty-related concepts, it is even more visible. People laugh at your uneven feline flick, point fingers at your uneven skin tone, make 'funny' jokes about your weight, your look, your outfit...
How to explain your little ones this is just the outside? That inside is what matters after all? How to stay firm, not naive, how to survive in today's jungle?:))
So difficult, especially when I'm the one who struggles with these in the first place...

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