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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Decision fatigue

Recently my husband and I, we were discussing an interesting issue - well, it was and is interesting to us;) - which usually comes up when a decision needs to be made.

I'm sure I mentioned that before, at least once.

I'm terrible with choices.
They scare me, haunt me, don't let me sleep - yet I happen to master procrastination to the full when I need to make them.

 Actually, it looks like there's a reason. The more decisions, both small and big, minor and important, short- and long term ones we have to make, the more fed up we become. Each next choice we need to make makes us more tired, and eventually: it's much more difficult to decide.

While me being afraid of decisions also proves the fact I'm not very good with changes in general, it might help to know the above 'scheme' our mind seems to go through. And 'act accordingly'.

I've never thought of decision making processes as something limited, since we utilize circa 7-8% of our brain. But yes, it makes sense - there is a dedicated and finite space available for us each day to make up our minds. And the way we use it, and whether we prioritize a list if decisions to be made - it's totally up to us.

 Therefore, from last week I started planning. Little things at first. Including what I would wear, what I would eat for breakfast, how I would start my day - the first 1-2 hours.

I'm amazed with the results:) it's so refreshing to be able to do minor tactical things flawless, and without actually having to think about them.

Equally surprising was another thing, much more important - it was a little bit easier for me to actually sort strategic things out.
It was still far from seamless.
But I wasn't stuck as usual with the 'what shall we do, business-wise, in the next 12 months' idea. 

Funny big little discoveries of mine - planning small helps make big decisions ... :)

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