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Friday, 24 July 2015

Friendship - the latest definition

It was one of the last schooldays this term; crispy morning light, air still fresh before the sun hits with warmth and glow...

We were discussing friendship on our way to school, when my 6-year old said:
- It's a bit like love.
- Yes, it is a bit like that - I said, as I didn't know where this conversation was going, and was afraid to spoil it with my semi-psychological reviews.
- It's all maths, too - she added - but not numbers, the other part...

It took me a while (I was not the brightest that day...;), before I suggested:
- Logic?
- Yes, that part. It's all logic - friendship.
- What about emotions then? - this was becoming more interesting than many personal development seminars you find about these days.
- Well, that too. But you either like someone, he likes you back, and you're friends. Or, he likes you, you don't, you're not friends. It's simple.

True. Someone doesn't need a training on self-confidence... And some other person does. But that's another story.

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