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Friday, 31 July 2015

Expose Yourself

I could easily be one of the 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' stunts crew members (anyone still recalls that movie?)

Showing off, talking about my feelings in public, putting me in the centre of attention - these statements couldn't be more far away from a true definition of me. Yet, I write this blog. And yet, I decided to put up with the jumping LookAtMe theme so many people join, more or less successfully. 

Regardless of the fact that writing a blog is not yet still done by every single (and married) member of the public, worldwide, many of us do try to shine. And put the best possible set of behaviour techniques on show. Including posting positive images, and life snapshots on Facebook.

You would rarely see the image of someone feeling extremely angry, or very annoyed with someone they usually love, are happy, or chill out with - unless it aims at shocking others.

My point is, you post about a positive side of you.
While we know this is not the whole truth.
Only the ones who know you well (or live next to you in a multi-flat block) know more about you.

Fakiness surrounds us. And so called social media, which are meant to connect us, end up with promoting that fakiness...

I'm not an exception.
I write about many things happening to me, and around me.

But I don't tell it all.
No one does.

Does that make me a truly honest person though? ...

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