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Sunday, 24 August 2014

10 days of silence

It's been ten days since my last writing experience;)
10 days of sun and run, warmth and laughter, exploration of grass, fruits and butterflies.
Quite an exciting time for my mini-man; quite an interesting time for my nearly 6-year old girl.
To me, it was all about talking with my parents, understanding where exactly we are in terms of settling down, recharging batteries for a busy autumn time, which is right around the corner. And eating;)))

While we are still bumping at each other sometimes, and talking harsh sometimes, it is good to have little ones around. They help to keep calm, ironically. And it's actually interesting to see how they change each day, both developing the smarts while bonding with their grandparents...

I still have trouble identifying exactly how I would like to spend the rest of my life, which is both pathetic and lazy, let's face it. But the ideas floating in my head are getting clearer every day, which is a little bit comforting.

I just wish I had the ability to keep in touch with my colleagues and friends I used to hang out with in different stages of my life, including studies, and first work... It's still too difficult for me to drop an e-mail once or twice a week. Again, pathetic and lazy ...

But I also realized - finally - that feeling and enjoying self-pity is most pathetic of all.
We really only have one lifetime to deal with all our doubts, emotions, feelings and words we inhale during every moment of our lives.
All this energy, previously used for keeping oneself low and expecting others to cheer one up all the time, may then be used for laughing together, talking together, quarreling together, and making up.

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