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Thursday, 14 August 2014

The most difficult thing in parenthood?

There is no one definite answer. 
Wrong. There may be infinite amount (;) of replies, but there should be one definite answer, thought over by each and every parent. It makes life easier to have that answer handy, somewhere at the back of your mind, available to pop up when needed.

It helped me recently. A lot.

I realised that for me it is my need to control, necessity to be in charge of my little ones' existence to the level that an average perfectionist would find an overkill. In short, I find it particularly hard to let go and set them free.

It was surprisingly uplifting, having realised that. 
It helped me to organise my everyday life better. It helped my little ones in their development. It gave me and my daughter so many more topics to discuss. 

Being with my parents recently helped here, again surprisingly ;) having multi-dimentional and sometimes contrary relationship with them used to make me more feisty, less vulnerable with them. I used to be the one who was always able to do things, being perfectly organised, thoughtful and caring.
Only now we seem to be getting over it, and seeing each others more sincerely. 

Having children on your own defitely helps. Being more at ease with everything definitely helps. Knowing your inner strength, different from the one related to parenthood definitely helps.

What took me so long? ;)))

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