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Saturday, 9 August 2014


I once saw Lost in Austen series. 
If we are indeed defined by what we see, I am a romantic soul trapped in cruel everyday existence of a typical sword master (this is where all the Heros, Crouching Tigers and Houses of Flying Daggers come to life).
There was one quote which I still recall (that is, apart from the funny and quirky fountain scene, but that was not about a sense of speech anyway), given by the main character of a fierce and vulnerable (just like me;) Amanda. She said: Make sure you talk (or sth similar). 'Out of talking there comes the love.'
So true. So so true.

I actually had a chance to test that again this afternoon, when we discussed respect and understanding with my 5,5-year old daughter. Trying to explain to her how important it is not to interrupt others (which is, to be honest, something I should be told as often as my little girl ...), and using good old reciprocity to illustrate what I was trying to say. 
I genuinely believe we can show our children how much we love them by talking to them. And that is not only limited to saying I love you (which is crucial, BTW, and left behind so many times). By spending time on discussing things, letting all parties speak, laughing and being touched together. This is what makes the bonding last beyond teenage years. 

Ironically, the more you talk, the more patient, and calm, and ready for more talking you become.

I wish I came to this conclusion sooner. That would save us many afternoons of me raising my voice, letting impatience and laziness take over;)

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