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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Back to the basics aka counting to 10

I found this really helpful recently. And calming. And soothing. And I'm actually amazed at results. And a bit annoyed with myself that I forgot about that great technique, which I almost overdosed with my SuperSpiderGirl when she was little (as she is a grown-up now, really, interesting how perspective changes with another baby on board; I meant when she was around 2).

It seems to be working fine now, when the Mini-Man is entering the tantrum 2-year old toddler no phase. When my patience is scarcely there, counting to 10 works great.
I used to be so good at that; where is my stoicism now, when I need it again? More than ever? Whoever said you get more subtle and tolerant when you are more experienced, obviously never met me... Actually, they use the word older, but it's so old-fashioned; there are no older people now;).

And there is a side effect to that, too. When I see my little one, with is head slightly tilted as in he knows very well he's teasing me, but at the same time he knows very well I love it, and he copies my intonation perfectly with whatever blabla he imagines, I cannot be angry any longer.

Sometimes not smiling is the hardest part. When you know that a happy face will mean you accept things you don't really want to be happenng. Ever. Again. Or, when you are fully aware you are being told a great secret, and you cannot, absolutely not, make fun of it, or you will never be referred to as confidence SME. Ever. Again.

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