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Monday, 5 January 2015

January reflections of a 6-year old

What does it mean: 'handsome'? - she asks.
I say: 'Pretty, nice, good-looking. But you would say that about a boy, or a man. You wouldn't call a girl: handsome. I don't actually know why.'
'I do', she says. 'It's because it is a girl who chooses.' 

'I would like to have a tooth decay again.' - she says.
When I ask why, this is what I hear: 'It would be great to have another filling, like that one I already have. I could show it to everyone.'

'It would be great if we could all live forever. I mean all in our family. But then it would be sad, because there would be no fairy tales, since there would be no 'long time ago', no 'once upon a time'...'

Sometimes I just keep telling myself she just turned 6 last November...

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