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Monday, 19 January 2015

Lazy Sunday afternoon and Blue Monday

It's late afternoon on a freezing Sunday. We had our quick walk, light lunch, slowly getting into hinking about preparing something unhealthy and good;) for tea time anytime soon. Now, however, I'm having a semi-nap with my 6-year old on my lap, watching 'The adventures of Filemon, the cat'; the cartoon I used to watch myself when little. Unexpectedly it brings up all the good memories from my childhood, which I spent untroubled with my grandparents always with me.
You know that feeling you're about to fall asleep, usually too tired to say or do something, with your mind still aware of what's around you. That's my definition of a semi-nap.
The Mini Man is having his midday nap, later than usual, tucked behind a striped blanket; he has a thing for stripes ever since he was born; it goes beyond a simple approval of fabrics that surround him. It's a mutual love, especially when his multicolour stripey hoodie makes him look even more of a completely innocent and cute trouble maker.

It's Monday, a blue one apparently. Well, for me it is definitely a sad one, since on that very day, several years ago, my grandma passed away; she was one of the best people I have ever met. I was fortunate enough to be with her every day for quite a long time, since she was my nanny, the best one I could have, and my teacher (she told me how to read when I was three; I wish I knew how she succeeded there, with a stubborn and capricious me as a student), and my best friend who I could tell anything, anything that bothered me, without feeling judged.

A chaotic note today, but the last two days had been quite chaotic for me really, forcing myself to stay calm and patient, and nice for my children, when I felt a bit of a little child myself.

Funny how a cartoon from childhood can open the chapter of your life you would have thought is closed, and nothing left there to think about...

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