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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Lego - puzzled

There is a history there: both my husband and I, we never really owned any original piece of Lego set. Partially because of stock rationing in the environment we lived in, and also due to our parents' ignorance in the subject + our lack of awareness (no judging here).
In result, my SuperSpidergirl is a Lego fan for over 2 years now, with sets of 5-12 years Friends theme being still her favourite. Nothing unusual, but we are extremely happy she went for it after receiving a simple starter set to broaden her interests, up until then dollies-centric really (not that Friends are actually a girly stuff as well...;).
This afternoon we went to the art of the brick, truly amazing idea of displaying 70+ pieces of Lego constructions, both copies of famous art masterpieces and original twisted sculpture elements. While it was amazing, with absolute wow-factor, I felt disappointed with the way things were displayed.
Quite boring, really. While it should shout with its glory at us, make us speechless and empowered to create sth ourselves (there was a play area at the exit, next to a small Lego shop, obviously), nothing of that happened.
I know it might be because we are in the consumerism era, impatient and eager for more and more in no time, but still. No, I thought it over, not really. We like to cherish things, look at them when they catch our attention, and discuss them. That's it; the display didn't get to us. Was it because the display was too simple and killed the novelty of the topic; or because it was too packed in black areas; finally because our 19-month mini-man was more interested in chasing the invisible (invisible to me, at least) around the sculptures, and I was, in result, following him, breathless and terrified he might actually break something, so not really having time to contemplate, like I used to in galleries and museums back in the good old days when he was tucked in his pram, focused on how his hands are moving in the air...
But I was hoping my 6-year old would find it appealing, and it would act as a trigger for her to put a little rocket, or spaceship together in the play area (still in love with space). No, nothing like that. The duplo playground was also extremely disappointing, with really small Lego parts wandering around. And the space for toddlers was also small, too small indeed. 
In result, we found the actual getting there and coming back part of the trip more enjoyable, with Tower of London in the background, and 1 intersection which was more moving than the whole art of the brick altogether.
Maybe we are simply the extremely requiring customers, all of us in my family, and we wish to be presented with things interesting to us, just not being 100% aware as of yet what interesting actually means.
Still, I find the author of the art pieces an amazing creator, the whole idea great, sensational really. I just wish it was better tailored to viewers, more clearly channeled. Oh, and I would prefer the Lego shop near the exhibition exit not to be through the roof with the prices (35 for the price of sets, costing 12-15 anywhere else? Seriously? Do they think we all would be in such awe of what we saw we would pay any amount?)...

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