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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Let's hit the road again

No, no, we're not moving again; not that I'm aware of, at least.
Last Saturday we went to see the collection of mini-buses, all dressed-up, at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, conveniently located just outside the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.
We all enjoyed it, although the trip took longer than expected, with rail replacement service in place. Still, we got there safely.

It was veeery cold by the time we got there on a mid-afternoon. But that did not stop us from exploring the funny little buses collection. There was a real bus model on display, this one could be climbed on with no limits, which both of my children enjoyed enormously. How exciting a bus can be?!:) apparently there is something super interesting in hoping into one, even when we use buses nearly every day, on our way to school.

It made me think, how much effort is sometimes put into new toys, new playgroup activities, new places to join, new dance classes to attend. Meanwhile, all you need, sometimes again, is a little bit of effort to get outside, have a walk, and see what is out there. Just that. Oh, and also, to make sure you have a place secured where you can warm yourself up after that freezing walk. Like we did. It made me all smiles to see my mini-man, sitting happily, and actually sitting ;) in a cosy armchair, with my SuperHeroGirl, waving her legs on the opposite recliner, totally at ease with herself. They actually managed not to get angry with each other for, well, nearly 20 minutes, which puts our new world record on the let's be nice to each other 2015 chart (there is no such thing as of yet, but I'm more and more often thinking of getting one...), probably thanks to tasty shortbread and scones, and quite a large table between them...;)

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