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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Brainstorming ideas and beyond in brief

It's nearly 2am, an insane hour when my Mini-Man would usually request a hug, but for some mysterious reason this is not the case this time.

I'm buying a silver metal wine bottle stopper at some 'non European' eBay shop. Doesn't sound like a reasonable 35+ mother of 2, actually coincidently a 35+2, does it?;)))

Oh, and my hair went crazy. 'What did you do to your hair; I've never seen them so ... curly;)?' - 'Well, I washed them, and used some decent sensitive scalp mask/conditioner , which appears to have a surprise-gift side-effect' ...

And I am seriously thinking of organising a book club for mums. It might be a virtual one, but a real occasional meet-up would be nice. 

This is what a sucked-into-'toddlership'-lifestyle can do to you.

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